Monday, October 3, 2016

Postcards from Tasmania 10 ...

Day 10 Tuesday 20/09/16 Hobart
Today is our 30th wedding anniversary! We are having a quiet day doing some shopping...
...had a healthy lunch then we (read Gus) gave Ruby a tub and got her sparkling.

Dinner that night, we dined at Franklin.
(Web pic)
(Web pic)
It is an industrial restaurant/bar with cow hides and exposed concrete, making area-sourced seasonal dishes.
 Gus had two different oysters then we had the woodfired octopus, cider braised lamb neck then a steamed pudding with honey, spices and icecream. Very enjoyable!
Back home to the Islington Hotel, here are a few pics off their website...
(Web pic)
Overlooking the mountains (web pic)
(Web pic)
Their little veggie and herb garden growing among the manicured box hedge... (web pic)
(web pic)
The atrium where dining takes place (web pic)
(web pic)
Cheers - Joolz xx

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