Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cockatoo Lake ...

Sunday 12th March, 2017
We packed up Ruby & Pearl and headed over to Cockatoo Lake which is about 18 kms the other side of Naracoorte.  We actually took a turn left too early and that took us out of our way on dirt roads a bit but we got there eventually.
There were lots of people camped there already but we found a spot away from most of the crowd.  We set up on a dirt site with grass in front of us looking right at the lake.  It’s a very pretty spot.  The signs say no fires but plenty of people have got them lit.  We wish we’d bought the Pig although it is not cold.  There is a flushing toilet in a concrete tank which is quite clean and spider free.
It took a while to level Pearl out on the site then we sat and had a beer and a wine.  Time to set the yabby pots!  We have 2 opera house and one drop net pots and we came armed with chicken necks for bait!
We plopped them out in the water then waited about half an hour….I think we pulled 5 the first time then they came in in dribs and drabs, mainly in the drop net until we had 2 dozen by nightfall.
Gus cooked rack of lamb for dinner, I did salad and some rice.  After dinner, we boiled up the yabbies – boil the water then throw them in, bring back to the boil and we gave them 8 minutes – they float to the surface like they are in a whirling hot tub!  I cracked the tails and we kept the meat to have in the morning.
Monday 13th March, 2017
Next morning, we checked the pots again a few times and got another dozen.  I cooked them up and shelled them.  Using most of the first lot, we made a nice omelette, stir frying the yabbies in butter then adding the egg and veggies.  Yummy!
The rest of the yabbies were doused in vinegar, salt and pepper and enjoyed with cheese and biscuits later in the day.
Watching the boats towing knee boarders and kids about floating devices, we decided it would be nice to have a little dinghy to putter around the lake in.  We looked on line and you can get really light ones that would fit on top of Pearl. 
We packed up and headed back to Millicent and were home by 5pm.  Gus gave Pearl and Ruby a tub and tucked them back in the spots, ready for next time. 

Free Camp

Cheers - Joolz xx

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  1. I am ashamed to say that I have never caught a yabbie, cooked a yabbie or eaten a yabbie - yet I claim to be an Aussie! Hmmmmm.


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