Monday, November 27, 2017

Cockatoo Lake Pt 2 ...

Sunday 26/11 - We got a further 38 yabbies when we pulled the pots this morning.  



Time for a yabby omelette (or frittata)...


My omelettes always look like a train crash but still, the flavour is there! 

We checked the pots again at lunch time and got another 19 then pulled the pots out of the water.

For lunch, we made mini burger sliders...


Our camp...just before we packed up.    It still amazes me how some people leave a camp - we found lots of broken glass in camp fire spots, waste paper in bushes, bottle caps and lolly wrappers ... how hard is it to take bottles and trash home with you?  We leave nothing!  This is a good spot and there were other camps further around that would be good too.  We’ll be back!

A yabby snack for breakfast, this morning! ☺️

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. I'm always amazed how you manage to have a gourmet line up of meals despite being in a camper van.

  2. We love to cook as much as we love to eat. When we chose the camper, the inside kitchen (2 gas burner stovetop and sink with gas hot/cold water) and storage cupboards and drawers were a big draw card. I have every utensil in there that I have at home. We are planners so we are always thinking of what we can cook and eat while away camping....hence Thai green curry in Brachina Gorge and lemon yabby linguini served lakeside.
    A getaway in the camper is our down time so we like to enjoy it! We could have done without a bull ant bite each, this trip!


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