Friday, October 20, 2017

Flinders Ranges Day 8...

A nice big breakfast...nothing feral about that at all!

Port Pirie

Day 8 Sunday 8/10/2017  Parachilna to Adelaide

We are heading down south today.  We stopped in at Port Pirie for Subway lunch again them it was full steam ahead back into Adelaide.  We arrived at the girls house at about 5pm.

It's been a great week, a very peaceful break away which is what we needed.  I hope you've enjoyed the scenery that we've shared.   If you get a chance to see the Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound, you will not be disappointed.

Cheers - Joolz and Gus

Flinders Ranges Day 7...

The sun is shining again!

The lobby at the Parachilna Prairie Hotel...

Lunch menu...

Corned camel silverside sandwich - absolutely delicious!

Gus had the meat pie with bush tomato relish...

Our room - very basic for what it cost!  I think they need to update the decor and employ a new cleaner!

Loved this beautiful sculpture, make entirely of welded bits of rusted iron...

Likewise, this clever piece...

Prairie Hotel at sundown...

I wonder how many travellers have walked through this door....?


Time for some feral food!

I had the antipasto platter, self explanatory...and quite delicious!

Gus had the feral mixed grill...

Quandong crumble - yummo!

Day 7 Saturday 7/10/2017  Parachilna Gorge to Prairie Hotel, Parachilna

We awoke at 8am and Gus's back is okay - very sore but he is mobile.  That is the main thing!

The weather has changed again and it is warming up.

We puddled along slowly, getting things packed away in Ruby.    Breakfast was just toast and a cuppa.

We had just enough water left to wash dishes, me to douse my hair so I can blow dry it and for Gus to have a quick shower.  I'll have one when we get to the pub!  Pearl is lovely and dry to pack up so that is good!  It's now 32C!

We head out of the gorge for the Prairie Hotel in Parachilna - it's 12 noon and we are hot and very thirsty!

We had a few drinks in the bar then ordered lunch.  Yummy feral fare!

We checked into our room and just chilled out for a while.  A real shower was a novelty after have bush showers all week.

Dinner at 7pm - their feral food is quite yummy and a real experience.  I loved the kangaroo pastrami and the emu pate, delicious on the home made ciabatta bread served.

We are back in the room at 9.30pm and I am in bed not long after - It's been a big day!

Cheers - Joolz xx

Flinders Ranges Day 6...

Our for the count...

This part of the creek bed was dry...

Further over, it had quite a bit of water flowing through.  More than it did 3 years ago.

The other campers must have left their bush dunny behind when they packed up and left...

I did a bit of emu spotting.  There were 5-6 pecking around...

Pizza dough proving on a hot water bottle...

A dull sunset, but at least the rain has stopped...

Potato, garlic, rosemary, caramelised onion and parmesan pizza...

One with the lot!

Day 6 Friday 06/10/2017

We got up to a blustery cold day but fortunately the rain has stopped. Forecast was for 13C...after a pleasant 27C the day before.

Gus did a few things outside like fixing the awning poles that had come loose and we got warmer clothes to put on. We’d just started to get breakfast ready when ‘pop’, Gus’s back went on him. All he did was bend over to wash his hands at the sink. Lots of lower back pain, right across his back.  This is not good!

I knew it was serious because he took a Valium (at 9.25am) immediately, before I could even fix breakfast.  He carried them with him for such emergencies and he tends to spasm if he hurts his back.  This was a life saver, without them I think

We had something to eat and a cuppa then he started feeling drowsy. He sat for a while then decided to lie down. I rubbed his lower back with Deep Heat and he gingerly climbed into bed and snuggled down to sleep.

I'm wasn't sure what we werere going to do. There’s no way I can pack up the camper by myself, let alone hitch it up and tow it out of here.  I could drive Ruby into Parachilna for help if needed.

We wait..... He woke up at 12.15pm and he said his back wasn't too bad.  I gave him 2 x Nurofen then he went back to sleep for an hour.

About 1.15pm, Gus surfaced and was able to at least sit and said his back felt quite good.  It's obviously muscular and not a disc problem, thank goodness.   He cooked some snags on the Weber for lunch then had a nice warm bush shower.   The rain has stopped but it is really cold so we are holed up in the camper.  Thank G for my ugg boots!   I have magazines to read and play solitaire on my iPad.
In the early evening, we got the OzPig packed and stowed away in Ruby, one less job for the morning..   I’m glad to see Gus walking around!

I made pizza dough and left it rise on a hot water bottle and later we had two pizzas which Gus cooked in the Weber.

We hunkered down at about 10pm, hoping his back would be good enough to pack up camp in the morning.  Fingers crossed!

Cheers - Joolz xx

Flinders Ranges Day 5 ...

Day 5 Thursday 05/10/2017  Brachina Gorge to Parachilna Gorge

We packed up Brachina camp and headed into Wilpena Pound to get phone signal.   The peace of not having phone signal in the gorges is good but with a daughter overseas, it was good to hear that Brianna was home safe in Adelaide after 3 weeks over in Europe.

The weather is on the change judging by the clouds.  It's warm at the moment.

We then headed out to Rawnsley Park Station for lunch. While there we connected to their 240v to power up Pearl, she’s a bit flat!

Lunch was nice - I had a lamb burger and Gus, Salt n Pepper squid. 
We couldn't resist the Butterscotch and Macadamia, which we shared.
The waitress said that it was going to rain in Blinman but Rawnsely Park would miss it as it goes over the ranges.  We might be in for a wet night.

After that we headed back to WP to get a few more supplies then we drove out to Blinman then turned off to Parachilna. We’re hoping we can get a good spot in Parachilna Gorge, like we did 3 years ago.

By this stage, it’s 5pm and we can’t see a good spot. There are quite a few already camped in spots and the sky is getting dark with rain clouds.

As luck would have it, we spied the exact same spot we had and it was free. There was another vehicle a bit further away, set up with swags and their fire going.  It was pretty tight getting in there but Pearl has plenty of clearance to go through creek beds etc.

The weather isn’t looking too good and by the time we’ve got Pearl up, it’s spitting with rain. As we hunker down, the rain gets heavier.

Our plans to have Weber pizzas got cancelled and I cooked up  bolognese sauce with bow tie pasta. I did get to make a scone damper in the Weber which turned out great!  It was just a basic scone dough but it baked beautifully in the Weber (I flipped it over for the last 5 minutes to colour it up).

We sat by battery candlelight, having a last glass of wine before retiring to bed at 10.45pm.

During the night, the light rain continued and the wind whipped up.  We are safe and dry in Pearl but
I feel sorry for those campers who couldn’t sit by their campfire for the night and will get up to a soggy campsite in the morning.

Cheers - Joolz xx

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